For Those for Whom Life is Hard, one of the five projects funded by the Centre for Training and Consultancy under the grant competition Innovative Social Ideas in Response to COVID-19, has concluded. The competition aimed to financially and technically support innovative ideas of non-governmental organizations that will improve and expand access to social services and integration opportunities for groups affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Caucasian House, an organization running an informal youth center in Nukriani, Sighnaghi municipality, implemented the project from October 2020 to July 2021 to arrange and support sanitary-hygienic centre and to provide services to Nukriani’s socially vulnerable elderly.

The sanitary-hygienic zone opened on June 18th, 2021, where the local government signed a memorandum on co-financing with the Caucasian House. The self-government will ensure the sustainability of the project and the continuous delivery of services to its beneficiaries. According to the memorandum, Sighnaghi Municipality will provide transportation for the beneficiaries and salaries to the Center’s employees (sanitation and hygiene masters).

The project implementers hope to help prevent dermatological and infectious diseases in the beneficiaries as the COVID pandemic has significantly increased transmission risk.


In terms of supporting a beauty salon, the project has planned to register it as a social enterprise. Apart from providing services to the direct beneficiaries, the salon will also offer paid services to others. According to the project implementers, this will increase sustainability, which will ensure that the beneficiaries are provided with services continuously.


For Those for Whom Life is Hard was implemented under the Center for Training and Consultancy sponsorship with support from Bread for the World within the Health, Care and Social Rights Program framework.