About the Project:

The second phase of the Community Development Initiative – Small Business Development Project has been implemented since July 2015 in the villages located along the Western Route Export Pipeline (WREP). In West Georgia the project covers 60 villages in Chiatura, Zestaponi, Terjola, Baghdati, Vani, Samtredia, Abasha and Lanchkhuti municipalities.

Small Business Development Project 2 is initiated and financed by BP and its partners in Georgia Pipeline Company.

The objective of the project is to deepen positive relations between BP and communities along the BTC/SCP pipeline route by investing in communities that demonstrate commitment to provide positive contribution for sustainable improvement in communities and to maintain and enhance sustainability of social-economic development.

The project envisages to award grants to farmers and startup entrepreneurs, also to the microbusinesses established within the previous phase of the project; to develop entrepreneurial and technological skills of the beneficiaries through different training sessions and consultancy etc.

Duration of the project is 36 months.

In West Georgia the project is implemented by Center for Training and Consultancy.

As a result of the project implementation:

  • 200 applicants will successfully complete the training on business planning;
  • 115 selected microentrepreneurs will initiate operations through the project financial support and 5 successful microentrepreneurs of the first phase will expand their businesses;
  • 115 funded microbusinesses will benefit from the skills development program;
  • At least 60 microentrepreneurs will go through thematic vocational training.


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