CTC provides consultancy focused on various aspects of organisational development acknowledged as a continuous process of learning and improvement. Our vision for organisational development is that it represents a learning cycle comprising stages of orientation, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. This particular type of consultancy aims to help organisations improve their capabilities to adequately assess their organisational capacity, identify problems and seek effective solutions, as well as develop evaluation and monitoring system through participatory approach and effective communication between the client and CTC.

Consultancy service for organisational development offered to target groups (civic organisations, public agencies, social and educational institutions) includes:

  • Assessment of human and institutional capacity and planning of organisational development
  • Strategic planning
  • Introduction of quality assurance system
  • Assessment and improvement of HR management system
  • Project design and proposal development
  • Development of service standards

What makes consultations offered by CTC special?

  • Focus on a process through engagement of the client and intensive working interaction
  • Protection of confidentiality as one of the core value and responsibility of a consultant
  • Assertive rather than paternalistic approach to consultancy
  • Expertise in organizational development and analysis and reliance of solid knowledge of field and experience of the client
  • Efforts to tailor theories of organisational management and development, and international best practices to local context and culture
  • Commitment to helping clients develop their capacities in a pace that will bring about effective outcomes and build a foundation for further development