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Community Development Initiative


BP pipelines along living local population promotion project entered a new phase

After 12 years of success "Community Development Initiative" had launched its new 5th phase. The program is initiated and funded by BP and its co-venturers in Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) and, South Caucasian Pipeline (SCP) companies.

The project’s 5th phase goals are to strengthen previous 4 phases’ results and continue promotion of the local population living in the target villages of East and West part of the BTC and SCP pipelines. 

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Review of Results achieved within Community Development Initiative Project

Demonstration farms

Increasing the agriculture production is one of the most preeminent ways to increase the economic opportunities of village population. By setting up new and/or improved technologies in demonstration plots, the project is striving to develop necessary skills and knowledge of farmers in order to produce better production.

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Poladaantkari road rehabilitation project

In 2008, as a result of Russia - Georgia war in Tskhinvali, Roland Zubashvili was forced to relocate to village Poladaantkari, Gardabani district. Adaptation process of the new domicile did not seem favorable for the family; along with everyday difficulties, they hardly managed to get along with the new environment. Transportation problems made the existing severe conditions more complex.

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Gantiadi Public School Rehabilitation

School teachers of Gantiadi Public School, located in Tsalka Municipality, along with students’ parents and with Educational Department Lead, jointly decided to eliminate existing unbearable and intolerable conditions, which damaged the health of students and administrative staff of the school.

Some of them decided to contribute their savings, some tried to sell their personal belongings in order to pull enough funds together for the rehabilitation of classroom floors at school, which were covered in 1982 and overtime became the big threat for student’s and teacher’s health.

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Opening of recreational park in Gardabani Municipality Village Gamarjveba

Since June 2013, Consultation and Training Center (CTC) has started the implementation process of - "Community Development Initiative for South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion project (CDI SCPX)" in 12 more communities of Kvemo Kartli.

Community Development initiative for South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion (SCPX) project is initiated and funded by BP and its partners within South Caucasus Pipeline Company.

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