Center for Training and Consultancy

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Consultancy Services

The methodology/general principles we share relies on continuous improvement and learning. We understand Organizational/Institutional Development not as a one-off exercise, rather than learning trajectory – sequence of orientation, planning, implementation/monitoring and evaluation phases. The broad scope of improvement areas and development alternatives brainstormed during orientation phase, goes through bottleneck of prioritization, strategic decisions or agreements, and converges into certain objectives and policies. The objectives and policies are broken-dawn into action plans during planning phase. Careful monitoring and progress measurement follows whole cycle of implementation and provide with data and information for evaluation, for re-planning and finding more effective solutions and approaches.

We offer consultations on the following issues:

  • Assessment of human and institutional capacities and facilitateing organizational development process
  • Strategic planning
  • Developing project design and project proposal
  • Making business plan
  • Internal audit of management systems and processes
  • Introduction of quality management system according to the international standard ISO 9001:2002
  • Assessment and improvement of human resource management system
  • Developing service standards

What makes CTC consultancy special?

  • Process orientation, which implies the involvement of the client and intensive working interaction;
  • Confidentiality as main obligation and the the highest value of a consultant;
  • Professionalism and continiouse development unconditional guarantee of the quality of our service;
  • Practical management and organizational development tools and techniques. Through joint appilcation of the tools we seek the best, practical and realistic ways of problem solution;
  • Assertive versus paternal approach. We offer organizational development and expertise of analysis and we expect from the client to have a substantial knowledge of their work and experience;
  • Sensitive to local cultural cotext. We are trying to adapt organizational management and development theories as well as the experiences accumulated in international practices to local reality and culture.