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Summer Camp

On the 3rd of August, 2016 within the frame of the Community Development Initiative(CDI) project, which is initiated and funded by BP and its co-venturers in Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) and, South Caucasian Pipeline (SCP) companies, 20 pupils  from Rustavi #10 and #28 public Schools were taken to Bakuriani to participate in summer camp  Initsiatori. The summer camp was initiated by CDI project implemented partner Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC) within the youth development component and implemented by SIQA-Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives.

Participants have been selected from # 10 and # 28 Rustavi Public Schools’ Youth Clubs. Within the youth development component the children have passed seminars about Project Management, Volunteerism and Civic Activism, Job Search and Employment, Effective Presentation and Debate and have been selected according to the level of engagement in the activities, filled application forms and interview sessions.

Summer camp participants, leaders and coordinator.

The main objective of summer camp was participants’ competence building, improvement in entrepreneur's vision and project writing and management skills. In addition to education program summer camp was full with entertaining activities and highlighted safety issues.

CDI project adviser Eteri Kvirikashvili and CTC representatives arranged workshop with SIQA summer camp organizer team, discussed summer camp agenda and defined safety and security requirement. Accordingly camp implemented partner was focused on safety and security norms coherence with BP requirements.  In order to raise awareness of participant and implement safety standards SIQA has developed special plan, which meant to discus current safety issues on daily base and award safest child with SIQA’s tea cup. Camp coordinator and the camp leaders ware designated to monitor safety before, during and after the camp. They coordinated all safety measures: travel safety, camp site and camp life safety, food safety and hygiene and safety of the activities.

Before departure to Bakuriani children have passed pre-camp safety questionnaire, they were ask what meant for them personal safety. According the answers majority equated personal safety with personal hygiene. One of the participants Sofiko Gugunishvili latter tolled:” for the beginning I did not understand what the personal safety was, but discussing safety and security issues on daily base I started to be more observant of the environment and pay attention whether or not I dressed appropriate to avoid unforeseen hazard”.

Upon arrival to Bakuriani, hotel Trialeti representative conducted safety induction, explain hotel security rules, showed emergency exit, fire extinguisher location and usage instruction, introduced emergency respond person contact details.

In educational part participants acquired new knowledge on the basics of business and entrepreneurship: knowledge of current market model and action principles, product and user evaluation, calculation of the product price and the profit, advertising need, variable and fixed costs calculation and positioning, income statement and attitude in entrepreneurship and increased competence in self initiative.

Participants’ competence building was assessed by pre-camp and post-camp questionnaires. Questionnaires were developed by the camp programme committee, together with the trainers and included questions about all educational activities planned during the camp. Evaluation was made at the end of the modules, where all aspects including educational programme were discussed by the group together with the leaders.                                                                   

Educational activities were carried out mainly in the first half of the day, while the second half was devoted entirely to entertaining activities.  The afternoon games promoted participants leadership and teamwork development, critical thinking skills beyond the framework. The camp participants created camp logo and anthem text. They played funny games, arranged sports competitions, went to hike to Kokhta hills and learned setting up a tent. Children performed a mini-play on famous fairy tales motives. Last evening of the camp closure pupils organized closing carnival with funny costumes of super heroes. The pupils demonstrated the creativity and artistry in amusing performance.

On the 9th of August, 2016 the last day of summer camp held summarized presentation of camp lifetime. Participants once again assessed each day of camp activities, talked about their impressions and increased competence. Each participant was awarded with summer camp participation certificate by SIQA. CTC representative awarded three most ardent participants, which have been identified to the level of engagement during the camp activities and gifted books thematically consistent with the general content of the summer camp. Participants expressed their gratitude for organizing summer camp and expressed desire to participate in similar event in future.