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Naira Chkadua, Ramin Lagvilava, Valentina Gurchiani, Demokrit Sefilov, Liana Nizharadze and Nana Stefliani are those successful small business owners who have scaling up their business sights from the get-go. These business owners are residents of the villages next to the corridor of BTC and SCP pipelines.

Within the fourth phase of the project "Community Development Initiative" they have received grants and established start-up businesses. With the help of Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC) beneficiaries acquired technical skills of business administration, customer relationship management, SWOT analysis, cost analysis, operations design, taxation and started evolution of a startup into a scale-up businesses. During the fifth phase of the Community Development Initiative project startup business owners who overcame the startup challenges, scaled business model and demonstrated stable outstanding performance in all aspect of business, applied sophisticated managerial tools and proved transition into professional small business, were motivated to grow by receiving addition scale up grant.

Beside given grants the most successful micro-entrepreneurs Nana Stefliani, Naira Chkadua and Ramin Lagvilava encouraged to became mentors and participated in vocational trainings as co-trainers. During coaching they share practical experience empowering others to follow their example.

Naira Chkadua resident of village Khaishi in Tetritskaro municipality initially established small greenhouse and started producing cucumber and tomato. “I had no experience in greenhouse arrangements and cultivation but with the help of systematic trainings and consultation became a role model in the village and give consultation to newly established greenhouses owners. Of course I face challenges as long as there is no irrigation water in the village and I had to buy water which increases my expanses. Also temperature variation effects on the cultivation and it requires strong attention and effort. But in spite of the difficulties I lead the business which is one of the main sources of my family income.” said Naira Chkadua.

Naira Chkadua, Village Khaishi, Tetritskaro Municipality

Nana Stepliani handicrafts workshop owner in the village of Tsintskaro said: I always liked to made handicrafts and wanted to establish my own business, so I participated in start-up business grant competition and started producing handmade accessories. I use social networks to receive orders and communicate with potential customers; also it helps me to promote sales. I realized that costumers demanded on enamel accessories. I took courses in enamel production and participated in scale up competition and received the grant. At this time I produce handicrafts as from beads as well as from enamel. In case of interest I teach others how to make accessories. 

Nana Stepliani, Village Tsintskaro, Tetritskaro Municipality

Ramin Lagvilava’s market is located in the center of Krtsanisi village, next to the bus station, kindergarten and Gamgeoba. Business favorable location reflected in its profitability and owner started to think about business expansion. With the scale-up grant Ramin Lagvilava expanded the market territory and equipped with the necessary facility. “Me and my wife work together in the market. I work on good supply and my wife works on sales and customers services. I think again about expansion of the business in slightly different way. According customers’ request I would like to build bakery next to my market“ said Ramin Lagvilava.

Ramin Lagvilava, Village Krtsanisi, Gardabani Municipality