Center for Training and Consultancy

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Good Governance Practice

For successful development of social processes it is very important to introduce good governance practices in the sphere of public administration. CTC has been working with public sector for years and offers various services for the development of human and institutional competences. As well as that, it implements its own projects and is involved in on-going large projects in this sphere.

CTC helps not only single organizations but also introduces good practice by disseminating successful cases on a larger scale.

At present CTC is working in close cooperation with USAID, G3 and HICD plus projects. Within the framework of the above projects, CTC renders its help to many public organizations in devising strategic plans, revision, and improvement of organizational processes.

Local self-government

One of the priorities is working with the Municipality. Together with the Municipal Service Provders’ Association, CTC has developed the manual for the employees of self-governing bodies which was funded by USAID Forecast programme. The manuel includes practical tools and patterns of management. In order to introduce and master the above instruments it is recommended to undergo special retraining and consulting process.

Civil Education for Teachers

One of the priorities CTC is to contribute to the development of education sector and its system. In this direction CTC is involved in a three- year project of civil education and teacher training. The project is implemented by PH International (Harmony) in cooperation with CTC and is supported by USAID. CTC is directly responsible for the teacher training component.

The program of civil education and teacher training is being implemented in all regions of Georgia and covers about 40% of all Georgia’s schools. By ACETT program it is also envisaged to deliver seminars for school directors in order to strengthen the support of school administration in the sphere of civil education. In the course of the program implementation, CTC will support the development of teachers’ professional forum and will moderate the process of opinion exchange between teachers by organizing meetings as well as via online discussions.

CTC also cooperates with the education management project of USAID and implements various retraining programs for school principles.