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Strengthening Community

Overcoming poverty and unemployment is an urgent problem of the Georgian society. In this direction it is important to provide help to vulnerable groups so that they can enjoy a better social and economic integration and ensure their own wellbeing.

One of the most important preconditions towards the achievement of the above aim is to strengthen the competences of the target groups. At the individuals level CTC program implies to provide support to the target group members for the development of key personal competencies, entrepreneurial mentality and skills, whereas at the level of community, it considers to promote social cohesion and civic activivism.

The CTC program includes three main directions:

  1. Support of small business activities
  2. Mobilisation and involvement of the community
  3. Stimulation of teaching key personal competencies

Support of Small Business Activities

CTC operates many projects in the field of supporting entrepreneurial activities and self-employment.

CTC has been implementing the project “Providing Support in self-employment to IDPs and affected village population after the War in 2008” funded by USAID.

The project started in January, 2010 and will last three years. The aim of the project is to improve economic state of the IDPs affected by the war in 2008. Within the program framework it has been planned to hold trainings on Business start up and fund 150 business projects on the basis of competition. With the aim of performance appraisal, CTC controls the targeted expenditures of allocated sums. As well as that, at regular periods of time, it monitors the implementation of the funded projects. CTC experts of micro business development help the funded projects by providing consultancies. The project is implemented in 10 settlements of IDPs in Mtskheta, Kaspi, and Gori regions and five conflict-affected villages in Gori region.

CTC is involved in the project funded by BP “Community Development Initiative” in Kvemo Kartli. The project is aimed at the economic development and improvement of quality of life of the community in the villages located along Baku-Tbilisi Jayhan pipeline.

Community Mobilisation and Involvement

With the financial support of Evangelic Agency of Development (EED Germany), CTC is implementing the project “ Support of Local Initiatives in Zemo Svaneti”.

The aim of the project is to support the improvement of the quality of life and the active involvement of the local community in Zemo Svaneti so that they participate more efficiently in the activities of the development of their own region.

Stimulation of Teaching Key Personal Competencies

Since 2010 CTC has been implementing the initiative of supporting the youth’s integration. The aim of the initiative is to offer the courses for the development of key personal competencies to young people at the age 15-24 who have satyed out of formal education. Following the aim, a 40-hour training course has been devised. The course is based on the requirements of the framework document of person’s key competencies adopted by European Commission. The training program calls for the support of the youth to develop such key personal competencies as are analytical thinking, independent learning abilities, entrepreneurial skills, communication skills. Within the framework of the initiative, pilot courses have been held. The course has been taken by over 500 young people so far. The training course has been introduced in the training programs and projects in 10 regional partner organizations.

The final goal of CTC in this direction is to create preconditions that will make the quality courses accessible for young people from socially vulnerable families by means of joint efforts of non-governmental actors. The experience proves that such support undoubtedly contributes to the integration of the youth into the existing environment and development of their self-esteem.

CTC, in partnership with the organization of Georgian Scout Movement also takes part in the project “Strengthening Skills and Abilities of Young People” initiated and funded by BP. The aim of the project is to support the sustainable development of the community in the area of Baku-Supsa pipeline.

The project is being implemented in 44 schools of 15 regions of Georgia (Mtskheta, Gardabani, Kaspi, Gori, Samtredia, Lanchkhuti, Abasha). Within the framework of the project, CTC delivers training courses for 13-16-year-olds on leadership, communication, basics of entrepreneurship, project cycle management. These are skills and abilities and competencies that a person needs for perfect development and self-realization in life. 512 young people have been trained so far.