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Human Resource Management

What is the organization but the people?

One of the major tasks of a manager is to settle the issues of human resources. If you wish to learn the main conceptual principles of human resource management and their introduction in practice we offer the training Human Resource Management.

If you wish to obtain a deep knowledge of the most significant component of human resource management such as fair and efficient assessment of employees’ performance, the training on Performance Appraisal will be of interest.

Training course Leadership and the Management Style will help you in the development of effective leadership style.

And if you want to support building of a team in your organization and its further development, you will be interested in Team Working.

We can offer trainings on each component of Human Resource Management Training. If you are interested in consultancies on the above issues , please see the list of consultancy services.

The courses have been developed by the trainers of CTC foundation in cooperation with the Dutch Consultancy and Training Company “MDF”.

The curator of the training group is Natia Zedgenidze.