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Management of the Organization

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe –John Muir

To those interested in major conceptual issues of management and methods of their introduction in practice, as well as specific aspects of managerial activities, we offer the training entitled Manager’s Work.

If you are willing to introduce quality management system in the organization or improve the existing one, you might be interested in Introduction Quality Management System and Internal Auditing.

If you are interested in learning how to build the working (business) processes, master technologies of analysis and optimization, also get the best understanding of the role of working processes in the smooth functioning of the organization, then attend the course on Planning and Optimization of Working Processes.

If you work in the sphere of service and are interested to learn what the customer-oriented service means, the training – Service Seen by a Manager will appeal to you.

If you work in the field of service and have to deal directly with customers, then we offer The Skills of Provision of Effective Service.

We can offer trainings on each single component which is included in the Manager’s Work Training Program. If you are interested in the consultancy service of the given issues, please see the list of consultancies.

The courses have been developed by the trainers of CTC Foundation taking into account the experience and training approaches of Dutch Consultancy and Training Company “MDF”, German company “Social Sert”, Dutch company “Quadra”, British company “Exel Partnership” and German company “Performancedesign”. Curator of the training group is Tamar Tsirekidze.