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Exclusive for Public Organisations

If you work in the public sector as a manager you will be interested to know about the specific features of financial administration of such organizations. The course – Financial Management of Non-entrepreneurial Organizations is exactly what you need.

If you are interested to learn how a public organization can raise funds with the support of private donors and public, attend the training course – Fund-raising by Public Organizations.

If you are interested in enhancing the role and contribution of a collective body – the board of administrators, then attend the course on Effective Work of the Board of Administrators in the Public Organization.

If you would like to obtain a deeper knowledge of public policy formation issues in order to be able to perform your job and would like to get involved in public policy formation process, attend the course Training in Public Policy Analysis and Planning.

The training course has been developed by CTC Foundation trainers.

The trainings are based on the materials and experience of various international organizations, among them ”Oklahoma school board association”, “NISPACEE” (Network of International Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe) and the training course materials developed by “UNDP”- “Public policy Advisor”, “Venture for fundraising” by a Philippine Consultancy Company, and Slovakian organization “Corporate Philanthropy Center”.

Curator of the above training group is Tamar Tsirekidze.