We believe that people ensure sustainable success. The main asset of the organization is its staff, whose work directly affects the work results of the organization and the formation of the culture of the organization. Therefore we do our best ensure the safety of our staff.

By understanding the rules of labor safety and health of our employees, the organization undertakes the following obligations:

  • Comply with current labor legislation and its requirements, including labor safety regulations;
  • Take measures to prevent injuries and damage to health to ensure the safety of employees and not to harm their health;
  • Ensure that labor safety responsibilities are known / informed to each employee;
  • Provide high standard training for all employees regarding their job responsibilities and any incidents;
  • Employees should be provided with appropriate guidance, instruction, training, education and equipment to enable them to use safe working methods and work competently;
  • Timely assessment / monitoring of working conditions, control over compliance with sanitary rules;

To the best of its ability, the organization will create secure workplaces and systems, provide safe technical equipment, safe handling / storage of materials and substances, and provide adequate safety equipment and relevant information, training and supervision. Our health and safety policy is subject to constant monitoring and periodic review to ensure that the health and safety goals and objectives are met. The organization undertakes to abide by this policy, to respect the values ​​of the above organization, and to do so by all employees of the organization.


Executive Director

Irina Khantadze