Civil society organizations have an essential and increasing impact on the development of democracy.

CTC manages a number of projects in the frame of promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Education sector represents one of the priorities of CTC including teacher training three-year project.

CTC supports not only the separate organizations but also through spreading the good cases it establishes much better practices.   

Animated report of the results achieved throughout 2021

Empowering People for Change

Good management and governance serve as the most important premise for development and reform.

Motivational Film TAKE THE FIRST STEP

The participants of the CTC "Civic Leadership" training program tell us about the activities and changes they are carrying out in their community, settlement or city to create a better environment. The film was prepared within the framework of the project "Civil Society Development Initiative".

For Health, Care and Social Rights

Short review of the studies  conducted under the sponsorship of the Centre for Training and Consultancy  within the framework of the Health, Care and Social Rights Program


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