The Center for Training and Consultancy continues activities within the sixth phase of "Community Development Initiative" (CDI 6) program in 38 target communities of Gardabani, Marneuli and Tetritskaro municipalities, as well as in Rustavi 18th and 19th micro districts.

The program is initiated and funded by BP and its co-venturers in Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) and South Caucasian Pipeline (SCP) Companies. The goal of the program is to “to maintain positive relations between BP and communities along the BTC/SCP pipeline route by investing in communities for achieving an exceptional level of sustainability and resilience in them”. The project goal will be achieved through supporting institutional development of community based organizations, implementation of community infrastructure rehabilitation, small businesses establishment and increasing youth capacity in Rustavi public schools #10 and #28.

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