Study Trip to Vermicompost Demonstration Farm

Study Trip to Vermicompost Demonstration Farm

The third phase of the Small Business Development Project began in 2018 in the villages located along the Baku-Supsa pipeline. The project is initiated and financed by bp and its partners in Georgia Pipeline Company. The program is implemented by the Center for Training and Consultancy CTC.

The objective of the project is deepening positive relations between bp and communities along the Baku-Supsa pipeline by promoting small business development.

The business development support includes also the training  component. Within the frames of this component, thirteeen project beneficiaries engaged in vegetable and berry farming, visited the vermicompost (biohumus) demonstration plot in Akhalsopeli village of Khobi municipality.

The aim of the visit was to acquaint the participants with the technology of biohumus production, as well as with financial, technical and other aspects of the plot operation.

Mr. Gorgadze who is the head of this demonstration plot, first talked about the benefits of vermicompost, noted that its use increases yields by 30-70%, enhances plant immunity and stimulates recovery of soil structure. He explained the production cycle of biohumus, starting with delivery and preparation of the manure and ending with the receipt of the final product and explained the rules of its use.

It should be mentioned that at this stage the main consumers of biohumus are large agricultural farms located in West Georgia although interest to it is growing as more and more farmers realize the importance of organic crop production.

The project beneficiaries listened to Mr. Gorgadze with great interest and asked him many questions. Several of them purchased vermicompost for use in their greenhouses or plots. The people appreciated the visit as far as they gained valuable practical knowledge.